Quinta do Monte

Where Dreams Come to Life

QM: Where Dreams Come to Life

Quinta do Monte, your farm for events in the Algarve

Founded four generations ago, Quinta do Monte, which began as a farm, has become, over the last 20 years, a reference location for celebrating weddings and other parties in the east Algarve.

It was naturally that, later, other projects were born in it, such as the accommodation to support events and the charismatic QM-Country Club Restaurant, which every summer has dazzled those who discover it and recurrently return to it with family and friends who want to surprise.

Located five minutes from the sea, in the Municipality of Castro Marim, Quinta do Monte has its foundation in us, the people who inhabit it and we seek to make it a haven of beauty, peace and pleasure.


We like that others feel at home here; who are able to be dazzled not only by the beauty of nature and the rustic spaces, but also by the serene magic that is breathed here.
To this end, we place in our professional performance all the values that we believe are essential for this light, free and healthy lifestyle: we value refinement, but also ease; quality but also abundance and, above all, we value the purity and happy simplicity with which, at Quinta do Monte – Algarve, the most remarkable moments are experienced.

This is how we like to receive.

This is how we know how to be hosts, because that is the only way it makes sense to be: taking care that you are dazzled as much as we are and that you fully surrender to the pleasures that we have prepared to invade your senses.

Be welcome,
Ana, Ricardo and Frederico

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Quinta do Monte

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