Quinta do Monte:


Quinta do Monte – Your Venue in the Algarve

Hosting events with its own catering since 2002, Quinta do Monte- Algarve, has performed countless and memorable parties in which excellence, abundance and quality have always been present.

Wedding parties

On the unforgettable day, the happy couples can either arrive at Quinta do Monte already married or choose to have the ceremony at the Quinta’s chapel or gardens. After that it’s time for the reception with a welcome drink on the porches and lawns. To this moment another is added: the opening of the opulent buffets, served in beautifully decorated rooms. The duration of this first part of the party is decided by the bride and groom and is ideal for the guests to socialize in an informal atmosphere. This is also the perfect time to take photos and enjoy all the an exquisite rustic experience.

Later, everyone is invited to enter the main dinning room, where the hot meal is served with all the refinement and solemnity that these days always deserve. The cakes and fruits buffets take place after diner, at the same time a new bar is opened and the dance floor starts glowing. If desired, the cut of the bride’s cake can also take place in alternative scenarios.

“My wedding took place in this wonderful place and everything was 5 stars”

Luis R.

Baptisms and other events

Besides weddings, other parties take place in Quinta do Monte – Algarve, such as baptisms, thematic birthday parties, and different celebrations like christmas dinners, wedding anniversaries, family reunions, corporate events or simple friends gatherings.

In every single event, Quinta do Monte provides a constant and personalized follow up to ensure that each party exceeds the expectations of both organizers and guests.

“Well cared and beautifully decorated spaces make QM an ideal venue!”

Alexandra M.