Quinta do Monte – the places

In real farms there are always inescapable places, such as the stables, the vegetables gardens and the huge kitchens with a large wood oven, where the stories are told and the days are lived with intensity and flavour.

In Quinta do Monte, where the smell of the sea mixes with the scent of the land, we went a little further and added a huge dinner room, a bar, a restaurant and a buffet hall, as well as amazing terraces with stunning views to the lakes and the greens. Of course there’s also the well, the farm gears, the hen’s house, the haystack, the barn, the fruit gardens and the chapel with its delightful sunset views.

Quinta do Monte – Algarve, however, wouldn’t be complete, without its sunny pool, the children’s playground, the big car park and the pretty gardens, or the footpath from where you can see the different animal species and vegetables characteristic from the Algarve.

A farm without animals is nothing but a sad desert


Kiko, the parrot

Kenny, the mad

Lola & Lita, the sisters

The cat gang

Joaquina II, the calm

Cabriola, the gift

Cartuxo, the special guest

Nilo, the scared

Amarelinho, the anonymous

Quinta do Monte: the productions

The farm’s main productions are the typical Algarvian dry fruits: carobs, with an average of a few tons a year, and the prickly pears, which, because of their exotic flavour and countless properties, have been in a constantly growing market demand.

The other vegetables and fruit crops (figs, citrics, apricots, medronhos, and some tropical fruits) are mainly for domestic consumption and to enrich the events we prepare.

the Tomatoes

the Arbutus berries

the melons

the figs

the pomegranates

the eggs

the carobs